LC-2515 C1AJ

Combination machine with fibre laser
Maskin typ : Kombimaskiner

AMADA introduces the new LC-2515C1AJ punch-laser combination machine. With a compact footprint and revolutionary productivity, this fibre laser combination series is equipped with a fibre laser and multi-purpose tool turret for faster processing speeds and less secondary operations.

  • 2 kW / 3 kW punch/fibre laser combination machine
  • Electric Servo direct drive punch mechanism
  • Synchronised control of the laser and punch axes
  • Unique Forming and Tapping functions (MPT Turret)
  • Flexible table design
  • Process Range Expansion- Cut copper, brass and titanium
  • Compact and Ergonomic safety enclosure
  • Energy saving - ECO Cut and reduced power consumption
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Compact and Efficient
  • Power saving functions when idle – 60% power reduction
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance – No internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • Ergonomic laser safety enclosure
  • Up to 70% electrical savings when compared with CO2
Easy Operation
  • 900 cut condition database
  • One touch lens and nozzle change
  • Bar code reader for rapid program loading
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
Excellent Part Quality
  • Patented bridge frame construction
  • Improved fibre cutting quality
  • No part marking with die lift-up stations
  • Scratch free processing with floating brush table
High Productivity
  • Rapid changeover between punch and laser
  • 49 station multi-purpose turret (MPT) or 46 (4 auto index)
  • 4 tapping and 3 forming stations
  • Process Range Expansion- Cut copper, brass and titanium
  • Reduced secondary operations with advanced forming features
  • Fast cutting speeds using Amada fibre technology
  • Electric servo drive punch mechanism
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Proven automation options
MODEL LC-2515C1AJ 2 kWLC-2515C1AJ 3 kW
Press Capacity (kN)200200
Laser Power2000W3000W
Laser SourceAJ fibreAJ fibre
Punch DriveServo electricServo electric
Axis travel (punching) (X/Y)3050 x 1675mm3050 x 1675 mm
Axis travel (laser) (X/Y)3050 x 1525mm3050 x 1525 mm
Axis travel (Combi) without reposition (X/Y)2550 x 1525mm2550 x 1525 mm
Machine Weight20 tons20 tons
Turret Stations49 (MPT) or 46 (4 auto index)49 (MPT) or 46 (4 auto index)
Standard egenskaper
  • 2nd X gauge position
  • Compressed air cutting (AirCut)
  • Full safety cover partition
  • Servo electric punching system
  • AMNC 3i touch Screen control
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Aluminium cutting (AluCut)
  • NC auto focus control
  • ActiveCut
  • One touch lens and nozzle exchange
  • Contact free HS cutting head
  • Nitrogen cutting (CleanCut)
  • ECO Cut
  • Multi Purpose Turret (MPT) with tapping capabilities
  • Die lift-up stations
  • Floating brush table
  • Power vacuum system
  • Tool guides
  • 3 work clamps
  • Pneumatic X gauge block
  • Bar code reader
  • Chiller
  • Dust collector
  • Optical safety system
  • Ethernet network (10/100 T Base)