LCG-AJ Fibre Laser

Improved Performance and Features for Increased Profitability
Maskin typ : Lasermaskiner

AMADA introduces the new LCG-3015AJ flatbed laser cutting machine equipped with an AMADA developed fibre engine. Offering high cutting speeds, low running costs and the ability to cut copper, brass and titanium, the LCG-3015AJ sets a new benchmark for performance and price at this level of investment, ensuring optimum productivity and value.
Aimed at any sheet metal shop looking to achieve high speed cutting of thin materials, the LCG-3015AJ sets new standards for quality and value on a flatbed laser cutter.

With power tailored to your needs, the LCG-AJ series is now available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 kW versions. 

  • Rapid axis movement: 170m/min, the fastest in class
  • Lightweight Y-axis carriage with low centre of gravity - 30% weight reduction
  • New helical rack drive ensures high speeds and smooth operation
  • Energy saving - ECO Cut and reduced power consumption
  • VPSS software solution pack for seamless part processing and programming
  • Large side access doors
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Easy Operation
  • Front and side access enclosure
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • One touch lens change
Excellent Cut Quality
  • Improved surface quality
  • Fibre engine developed by AMADA
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • Oil shot pierce – Prevents splatter and improves quality
  • Cooling cut (WACS II) for stable processing of thick materials for 4 kW machine and above
Fast & Easy Part Processing
  • Bar Code Reader – Fast program loading
  • Production Designer – Process 2D/3D files quickly and accurately
  • Connected to vSDD database
  • VPSS 3i Software Solution Pack
Fast and Precise Material processing
  • New helical rack drive with high torque motor which allows for faster and precise material processing
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min - the fastest in class
  • Lightweight Y Axis carriage - 30% weight reduction
  • Lower centre of gravity allowing higher speeds
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Automatic cut process monitoring for 4 kW machine and above
  • Nozzle changer standard on all new LCG-AJ
  • Proven automation options
  • Automatic pierce monitoring for 4 kW machine and above
Reliable Production
  • ECO Cut – 38% higher processing speeds with smaller nozzles
  • Power saving functions when idle – 60% power reduction
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance-no internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
MODEL LCG-3015AJ 2kWLCG-3015AJ 3kWLCG-3015AJ 4kWLCG-3015AJ 6kWLCG-3015AJ 9kW
Laser Power2000W3000W4000W6000W9000W
Laser SourceFibreFibreFibreFibreFibre
Drive SystemX/Y - Direct drive helical rack Z – Ball screwX/Y - Direct drive helical rack Z – Ball screwX/Y - Direct drive helical rack Z – Ball screwX/Y - Direct drive helical rack Z – Ball screwX/Y - Direct drive helical rack Z – Ball screw
Max. Axis Speed (simultaneous) (m/min)170170170170170
Working Range (X x Y x Z)3070 x 1550 x 1003070 x 1550 x 1003070 x 1550 x 1003070 x 1550 x 1003070 x 1550 x 100
Machine Weight (Kg)9,1009,1009,3009,5009,600
- Mild Steel (mm)1618202525
- Stainless Steel (mm)1015182525
- Aluminium (mm)812162525
- Brass (mm)58101518
- Copper (mm)4681012
- Titanium (mm)551010TBC
Nozzle ChangerYesYesYesYesYes
Maximum thickness value depends on material quality and environmental conditions==
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  • *All Specifications are correct at time of publishing, AMADA reserve the right to amend specifications at any time due to constant machine development.