FLC-AJ Fibre Laser

Productive & Efficient 2kW Fibre Laser
Maskin typ : Lasermaskiner

Introducing a new option within the Amada fibre laser range; the FLC- AJ. Fibre technology from the diode to the workpiece, both machine and beam source are developed by AMADA, providing perfectly synchronised components for optimum performance.

  • Increased cutting range - 
  • Cut copper/brass/titanium
  • Fast material processing - 170 m/min linear drives
  • Long maintenance cycles
  • Reliable laser beam for superior edge quality
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Fibre Laser System Developed by AMADA
  • Synchronised machine & oscillator for optimum performance
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • 2kW fibre laser oscillator
  • Efficient beam delivery
  • Flexible factory layouts
Fast Material Processing
  • High cutting speeds
  • All linear drive axis – up to 3G & 170m/min
Increased Cutting Range
  • Capable of cutting copper, brass and titanium
Low Running Costs
  • Up to 70% electricity savings compared to CO2
  • No internal mirrors or laser gas
  • Long maintenance cycles
  • Short power on – off times
Superior Part Edge Quality
  • Reliable laser beam
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Automatic pierce & cut process monitoring
  • Automatic nozzle changer option
  • Proven automation options
Easy Operation
  • AMNC touch screen control
Laser Power 2000W
Laser SourceFibre
Drive SystemX/Y/Z Linear
Max Axis Speed (simultaneous)170m/min
Working Range (XxYxZ)3070 x 1550 x 100mm
Max Sheet Weight (kg)950
Max Material Thickness:
- Mild Steel (mm)15
- Aluminium (mm)8
- Stainless Steel (mm)10
- Brass (mm)4
- Copper (mm)4
- Titanium (mm)5
Standard egenskaper
  • Aluminium cutting (AluCut)
  • AMNC touch screen control
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Automatic pallet changer with shuttle table
  • Chiller
  • Contact free HS cutting head
  • Cut process monitoring system
  • Dust collector
  • High-pressure cutting (CleanCut)
  • Integrated air purge unit
  • Oil spray function (option)
  • Pierce monitoring system
  • WACS - Water Assisted Cutting System (option)
  • X Axis scrap conveyor
  • X/Y/Z axis linear drives

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