FLW Welder Series

Robotic Fibre Laser Welding Cell
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The ultimate fibre laser welding cell offering automated robotic welding of the very highest standard. Programmed offline using a dedicated CAM software, the AMADA FLW can weld a large range of materials at high speed with reduced running costs.

  • High quality welding
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Reduced running costs
  • Process difficult materials
  • Offline programming software
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Excellent Welding Quality
  • Improved process quality using slope & fine edge beam control
  • Continuous & smooth welding bead
Fast Processing Speeds
  • High density fibre beam allows high speed welding
  • High speed optical beam weaving
  • Automatic NC focus
Process Difficult Materials
  • Weld difficult materials Eg: Aluminum alloy, Coated material, Magnesium alloy, etc
  • Weld materials with high thermal conductivity Eg: Aluminum , Copper, Brass
  • Weld differing metals Eg: Stainless + Copper, Steel + Brass, Zintec + Steel
Easy Operation
  • FLW CAM- Dedicated CAM software for efficient offline programming
  • TAS- Teaching Assistant for easy program adjustments
  • Part set-up assist function
  • AMNC touch screen control
  • Extensive welding condition database
Low Running Costs
  • Efficient fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • Long maintenance cycles
Automated Operation
  • FANUC 6 axis robot on linear track axis
  • Automatic filler wire feeding device
Flexible Welding Solution
  • Large range of beam source sizes (1kW – 6kW)
MODEL FLW – 4000 M3
Laser Power4000W
Laser SourceFibre
Number of Axis6 Axis Robot + 3000mm Linear Track Axis
Positioning Table2 axis – Rotation & Tilt
Repeatable Positioning AccuracyRobot +/-0.07mm, Track Axis +/-0.1mm
Standard egenskaper
  • Amada original processing head
  • Coaxial nozzle for no oxidisation
  • Side nozzle for reduced oxidisation
  • Optical Beam Weaving system
  • NC controlled auto focus
  • Automatic filler wire feed
  • Process condition table
  • AMNC touch screen control
  • FLW CAM offline programming system

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