Automation Tower for Punch/Laser/Combi
Maskin typ : Automatisering

The Amada ASIII MP is designed to help you improve productivity and increase profits whilst reducing lead-time and cutting costs. This fully automated material load and unload system uses vertical factory space to improve material logistics, whilst providing flexibility to produce smaller batch sizes from many materials or longer production runs.

  • Automatic loading and unloading of large range of materials
  • Increase production capacity 
  • Compact solution with minimal footprint
  • Handling of raw material and processed sheets
  • Job scheduling for continuous production
  • In-process sheet checks
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High Productivity
  • Automated raw material and cut parts within tower
  • Capable of handling large range of materials
  • Unmanned production to increase capacity
  • Reduces down time between jobs
  • Minimises manual handling of materials
  • Flexible production of small to large size batches
Reliable Operation
  • Integrated sheet separation device
  • Automatic sheet thickness checks
  • Job scheduling for continuous production
  • Email contact on machine stop or schedule end (AMNC function)
Compact & Flexible
  • Compact footprint - utilises building height
  • Simple to configure pallets as load or unload
Easy to Use
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple scheduling software
  • Long running schedules or one off jobs
Tower - AS Unit:
Max. Sheet Size (mm)3000 x 1500
Max. Lifting Capacity (kg)3000
Typical Pallet Exchanging Time75s
Separation Magnets2
Max. Load/Pallet (kg)3000
No. of Pallets (standard height)5-9
Max. Stack Height/Pallet280mm (use of wooden pallet)
Max. Stack Height/Pallet130mm (no wooden pallet)
Max. Stack Height/Pallet120mm (scrap/microjoined)
Pallet Configuration 1 (mm):4 pallets, stacking height 130
5 pallets, stacking height 120
Pallet Configuration 2 (mm):5 pallets, stacking height 130
4 pallets, stacking height 120
Pallet Configuration 3 (mm):2 pallets, stacking height 280
2 pallets, stacking height 130
4 pallets, stacking height 120
Loading - L Unit:
Max. Sheet Size (mm)3000 x 1500
Min. Sheet Size (mm)1000 x 300
Max. Lifting Capacity (kg)300
Max. Loader Transverse Speed (m/min)70
Typical Sheet Loading Time18 s
Suction Cups34
Unloading - UL Unit:
Max. Sheet Load (kg)3000
Min. Sheet Size Unloading (mm)1000 x 35
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