Automatic High Quality Grinding
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All punch operators know the importance of tool maintenance on part quality and tool life. The AMADA TOGU is the solution; an automatic tool grinder design specifically for high quality grinding of sheet metal tooling.

  • Unmanned operation
  • Simple operator control
  • Quick, reliable grinding of all standard tooling
  • Supplied with jigs for shear angle grinding
  • Restores tooling to optimum condition resulting in high quality parts
  • Enables regular regrinding to maximise tool life
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Fast and Easy to Use
  • Fully automated machine
  • Unmanned grinding cycle
  • Easy operation – load > input> start
  • Programmable re-grind amount
High Quality Finish
  • Automatic feed of wheel prevents tool burn
  • Automatic grinding wheel dress indication
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Unique safety locking system ensures operator safety
  • Visual operation/standby indication
Coolant and Filtration System
  • Automatic coolant application prevents tool burn
  • High quality finish maintained by filtration of coolant liquid
Grinding Wheel (mm)Dia.150
Max. Tool Diameter (mm)160
Max. Grind Depth per Cycle (mm)0.99
Spindle Motor Speed (rpm)3000
Max. Feed Rate (mm/min)600
Machine Weight (kg)470
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