ACIES 2515 AJ 4kW

Unrivalled Productivity of Complex Sheet Metal Components
Maskin typ : Kombimaskiner

Building on the success of the previous ACIES combination machine, AMADA now presents a 4kW Fibre laser addition to the series.

This ACIES combination machine has always provided unrivalled productivity and scratch free processing of complex sheet metal components, with automation and tool change options to suit your production requirements. This top spec machine now comes in a much anticipated 4kW fibre laser version. 

Packed with new innovations; featuring fast hit rates, stable processing, versatile forming and the shape cutting flexibility of a laser system.

  • 4kW Fibre Laser/Punch combination machine 
  • Eco friendly twin high speed
  • Electric Servo drive punch mechanism
  • Super fast forming process
  • Scratch free up/down forming
  • Tool ID system
  • High speed laser processing

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Compact & Efficient
  • Up to 70% electrical savings when compared with CO2
  • Ergonomic laser safety enclosure
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance – no internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
  • Flexible position of free standing control unit
  • Maintenance free electric drive
  • ECO friendly power saving drive system
Easy to Use
  • Bar code reader for rapid program loading
  • 900 cut condition database
  • Quick change lens and nozzle system
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Extensive cut condition database
  • Tool ID system (with QR codes)
  • No die setting required
Excellent Cut Quality
  • Bridge frame construction
  • Improved fibre cutting quality
High Precision Operation
  • ZR turret – Full flat brush table for scratch free processing
High Productivity
  • Reduced secondary operations with advanced forming features
  • Fast cutting speeds using AMADA fibre technology
  • Independent laser head axis
  • Process Range Expansion- cut copper, brass and titanium
  • MPT tapping tool function
  • Increased form processing speeds
  • High speed punching and marking
  • Turret configuration options to suit your production
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Eliminate slug pull with Power Vacuum die system
  • Air blow tool lubrication
  • Sheet load/unload and part picking options
  • Buffer Turret - Tool buffer turret options
  • TSU – Tool storage options - Up to 300 Punches & 600 Dies
  • Large work chute
Press Capacity (kN)300
Laser SourceAJ Fibre
Laser Power (W)4000
X-Axis Travel (mm)3050
Y-Axis Travel (mm)1870
Max. Worksheet Size (with single reposition) (mm)3050 x 1525 (laser-cutting & punching)
Punching Accuracy (mm)+/-0.07
Combined Max. Feed Speed (m/min)128
Max. Feed Speed (YL-Axis) (m/min100
Machine Weight (kg)30,000
Turret Stations32
Standard egenskaper
  • Aluminium cutting (AluCut)
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Auto cutting plate cleaner
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Chiller
  • Contact free HS cutting head
  • Dust collector
  • ECO Cut
  • Full flat brush table
  • High-pressure cutting (CleanCut)
  • Integrated air purge unit
  • Laser scrap conveyor
  • NC auto focus control
  • ActiveCut
  • One touch lens exchange
  • Power save mode
  • Power vacuum system
  • Tool guides
  • 3 work clamps
  • 4 station Nozzle Changer
  • Pneumatic X gauge block
  • Optical safety system
  • Ethernet network (10/100 T Base)

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