AMADA Dr ABE Tube Series

Automatic Programming Software
Typ av mjukvara : CAM

Dr ABE Tube provides fully automated programming and nesting for Amada tube lasers.

SheetWorks 3D CAD integration provides simple import for both manual and automatic nesting and program generation.

Amada digital database (SDD) integration, allows saving of both part and program data. 

  • Automated programming for FOII Rotary Index and FOII Chuck Index
  • Integrated connection to SheetWorks 3D CAD
  • Automatic and manual nesting for single and multi parts
  • Full manual programming for added control
  • 3D program simulation
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Hårdvarans specifikation
Effective Tube Processing
  • Automatic cut assignment and sequencing
  • Supports machine material range specification
  • 3D part, nesting and process simulation
  • Manual editing functions for added control
Fast Programming
  • Automatic part nesting to defined production schedule
  • Dissimilar part nesting
  • Material inventory management
  • Material seam consideration
  • Automatic reposition calculation
  • Automatic reposition calculation (FOII Rotary Index)
  • Chuck rear side processing to minimise material wastage
  • Through hole processing for holes <30% tube diameter
  • Automatic laser condition selection for each material
  • Integrated settings and parts database backup utility
  • Customisable user process settings
  • 3D program output to machine controller
  • Graphical process simulation
  • SheetWorks 3D CAD integration
  • Job report print out
  • Time study generation