Automatic Programming Software (Blanking)
Typ av mjukvara : CAM

VPSS 3i Blank is the newest generation of AMADA’s fully automated and highly efficient programming system for sheet metal processing, using AMADA punching, laser and punch/laser combination machines.

BlankCAM can be linked with the AMADA Digital Database (vSDD) with Production Designer or can directly import 2D CAD files from an existing system. The system automatically nests via a production schedule, assigns tooling technology, sequences and generates NC code. 

  • Automatic tooling, nesting & sequencing to NC code creation
  • Easy to use multiple-sheet nesting and schedule creation with different materials
  • Automatic remnant creation & optimisation of idle movements
  • Shared program database direct to AMNC machine controllers
  • Automatic forming tool assignment (vSDD)
  • Process time study
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Hårdvarans specifikation
Streamlined Programming
  • Automatic programming including Tool Assignment , Nesting, Sequencing, Tagging and NC Generation
  • Streamlined programming removes sub-program/symbol creation stage
  • Smart drawing import features
  • Customisable automatic preferences
  • Nests dissimilar material types and thickness simultaneously
  • AMADA Digital Database (vSDD) integration
  • Offline machine scheduling with bar code search facility (AMNC)
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Integrated turret setup with AMNC
Program Optimisation
  • Optimises idle movements and reduce turret rotation
  • Comprehensive error checker simplifies programming process and improves program reliability
  • Automatic remnant creation (including laser marking)
  • Efficient nesting
  • Accurate time studies
  • Automatic programming engine
  • Machine parameters (user customisable process settings)
  • AMADA PR, ZRT and PDC support
  • Offline program scheduling (AMNC)
  • Auto corrections (smart import and drawing clean up)
  • Shared program database direct to AMNC machine controllers
  • Automatic remnant creation
  • Material manager with stock control
  • Detailed punch tool management
  • Sequence optimisation
  • Comprehensive error checker
  • Automatic time studies
  • Efficient nesting with customisable rotational constraints and part in part nesting
  • Common line cutting
  • Automatic joint and work chute assignment
  • Full suite of manual sheet and part editing functions
  • Automatic special punch tool assignment
  • Automatic laser etch assignment
  • Automatic dead zone and reposition management
  • Laser heat dissipation sequence control
  • Graphical program simulation
  • Job and schedule report print outs
  • Automatic flash cutting for fibre laser machines