Kund reportage Plåtpressning AB - AMADA tooling provides a competitive edge

With their roots in the construction industry, Plåtpressning AB are used to working quickly.  As the company expanded into sub-contracting, they decided to carry through this speedy delivery ethos as their core selling point. 

Operating an AE electric punch press gives Plåtpressning AB an advantage over the majority of their competitors who have chosen to invest in fiber lasers.  Their forming and tapping capability adds value to their products as well as helping them to secure orders. 

Plåtpressning AB was founded in 1965 and has since then been a reliable supplier of sheet metal products. Since 2010, the company has expanded and greatly increased sales through elevating their technical capability. Their goal is to become the leading supplier of sheet metal products in the region.

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"Comparing our AE electric machine to our old hydraulic, the results are far more consistent from the first part to the last. We achieve a high quality with few defects. "
Danny Gilmartin
Plåtpressning AB